Vulture Sculptures Created From Natural Matter Personally Scavenged By Me

For the last 40 years, I’ve been creating Vulture Sculptures… Selling from Maine to Texas… The pieces have been created from personally scavenged flotsam & jetsam, basically from the seashore… Giving the name of my business: Tideline Salvage.

Throughout the years, I’ve added other subjects for my art. Such as Rat and Bat sculptures, Horseshoe Crab Masks and Roach Clips (not what you think).. You will find examples by clicking here and by clicking the links in the side bar to the right.

Recently, I’ve divided my time, creating my own ideas in digital art (“Pixel Pointillism”)… And of course, there’s “FERAL COOTS- A Saga of Modern Feralgenaria” a compilation of over 100 of my drawings, that hopefully will become a published book… Once again, click the links in the side bar to the right to see more.

Now, back to Vulture Sculptures, made from personally scavenged mussel shells and crab claws… Here are a few examples. Both sculptures and three dimensional framed pieces.

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