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My journey in art officially began when I commuted three hours a day to attend the High School of Music and Art in New York City. From there, I went on to Queens College… and finally my formal education was completed at the Cooper Union for the Advancement in Art and Architecture.

Me. 1956 in the East Village, NYC.

Me. 1956 in the East Village, NYC.

Afterwards, living and thriving in the heart of the art world, namely, New York City, I came to believe that architecture would be my life work. For the next fifteen years I was involved with, and responsible for, major aspects of some of the more notable edifices built at that time; one being the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center in New York City.

In the mid 1970s, I changed my life’s course, by devoting it to my first love – sculpture. I began collecting and transforming scavenged matter into art. This became my calling!

Initially my work was only on one topic. That being vultures. All the pieces were made from personally scavenged natural matter. I felt a kinship to these birds, taking scavenged matter and creating the likeness of the greatest scavenger of them all – THE VULTURE.

Throughout the subsequent years I ‘ve increased my repertoire, still using scavenged matter in all cases, until I was known as that ‘RAT, BAT, & VULTURE GUY.’

In my eighties, I’m still creating sculptures, made from personally scavenged natural matter. By doing so, I’ve been able to pay homage to some of the more maligned creatures here on earth.

(You can purchase my sculpture on Pixels.com by clicking here, and on Etsy by clicking here.)

Besides creating sculpture, I’ve recently delved into this cyber universe. I’ve been busy, digitally bedazzling all sorts of things, from tulips to stink bugs. I call my process “Pixel Pointillism.” This work is not only to be hung on the wall. It’s on pillows, duvet covers, tote bags, iPhone covers, and all sorts of other things, including TEE SHIRTS.

(You can purchase my digital art on Pixels.com by clicking here, and on Zazzle by clicking here.)


Besides all that, I’ve been exploring an area I’m an expert in, “Becoming a Coot” a “Feral Coot,” to be exact, and I’m in the process of developing a book, “FERAL COOTS – The Saga of Modern Feralgenaria.” It will be released soon!

Individual drawings of mine are also available on Pixels.comclick here, and on Zazzle; click here.

I will let you know when my “FERAL COOTS” book is on the market.

Who knows what’s next?

Thanks, for reading this,

Roger Allen Swezey


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